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[Instock] Fresh Cucumber Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate 30ml – pack of 2


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Springtime brings warmer days, budding flowers, and chirping birds — but is your home still stuck in the winter blues? Clear up those cold-weather vibes with the light and refreshing natural scent of our Fresh Cucumber Multi-Surface Cleaner! Whether you’re ready to embark on a spring-cleaning marathon or simply want to touch up around the house, you’ll love the way this sweet-melon aroma brings a sense of cheer while leaving surfaces sparklingly clean.

Our Fresh Cucumber Multi-Surface Cleaner uses the power of plants to effectively cut through grease and grime without any harsh chemicals. The naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients clean tough messes on most sealed surfaces, like countertops, stovetops, tile, or the inside of your microwave.

Packaged in two easy-to-use single-pour glass bottles, these 30 mL concentrates are designed to eliminate the guesswork of mixing. Simply pour the entire content of one concentrate bottle into your 16 fl. oz. spray bottle, fill the rest with water, shake, and use! Plus, our reusable glass spray bottles and biodegradable concentrate further reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning products. Enjoy the bright, uplifting natural scent in this sustainable cleaning solution, all while helping keep your family healthy and free from harsh chemicals!

When using on painted surfaces, unsealed granite, unsealed marble, wall coverings, or any other surface you’re not sure about, we recommend testing on a small, inconspicuous patch first.